Reclaim Your Game Before Teaching Gets Tougher - 6 Strategies for Growing Closer to Your Most Challenging Students

8/20/2016 10:32:00 AM
By Dr. Allen Mendler

About the Author

Bio: Allen Mendler is an educator, school psychologist, and author who resides in Rochester, N.Y. Dr. Mendler has worked extensively with children of all ages in regular education and special education settings; and youth in juvenile detention. Mendler’s books include When Teaching Gets Tough: Smart Ways to Reclaim Your Game (ASCD, 2012) and The Resilient Teacher: How do I stay positive and effective when dealing with difficult people and policies? (ASCD, 2014). Connect with him on Twitter at @allenmendler.  

The strategies in this post are adapted from Mendler’s book, When Teaching Gets Tough: Smart Ways to Reclaim Your Game. This article originally appeared onTeachThought.

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Rookie Mistakes You Should Not Make

8/20/2016 10:25:00 AM
By Bridget Zick, kindergarten teacher, Nevada
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Keeping Students Accountable Tired of excuses? Try these strategies for helping kids take responsibility for their success.

8/20/2016 10:18:00 AM
By Edward Graham
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Communicate with Students Through Technology By Sarah Brown Wessling

8/20/2016 10:13:00 AM
Here are some great ways for teachers to use technology!  From the NEA...
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Unions: Teacher mentoring bill leaves too many out The bill also wouldn't let unions negotiate extra pay that comes with the new programs

8/5/2016 4:42:00 PM
PUBLISHED: February 10, 2016 - 7:20 p.m. EDT
By Shaina Cavazos @ShainaRC

Despite broad support from educators, advocates and lawmakers for a bill designed to create more opportunities for teachers to gain leadership roles and mentoring, some raised concerns that it won’t serve enough teachers.

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