What is Text Your Mentor and How Does it Work?

Text your mentor is the delivery of mentoring services for teachers via the cell phone.  Mentors use a variety of mediums such as texting, voice texting, video chatting, voice messaging, and audio messaging.  Mentoring services include, but are not limited to, classroom management assistance, student engagement techniques, data collection instruction, performance evaluation preparation, effective lesson planning, navigating the politics of the educational system, and emotional support.


Teachers who have mentors report feeling greater job satisfaction, better job performance, and less isolation during their first five years of teaching. Over the last decade, research studies have proven the potential of teacher mentoring on professional success, retention, and student achievement.


Talk to your mentor whenever and wherever you are without scheduling or traveling.


Our mentors are distinguished certified teachers with masters’ degrees or higher.  Each mentor has at least fifteen years classroom teaching experience.


We securely store all teacher communication and our mentors adhere to strict professional and ethical codes regarding client confidentiality.  


Text Your Mentor is affordable for the new teacher.


We value confidentiality and you can be secure in the fact that we will not share your information.  Our conversations are private.